Health and Hygiene/ Coronavirus

April 15th, 2020:coronapicstop

As per NSW state government guidelines I have reopened as an essential health business. However, I will not be treating people who are deemed vulnerable due to health or age.

Please contact me with any queries.

In light of the current global health issues we are facing I wanted to touch base with clients regarding health and hygiene.

As a rule you should never attend a massage clinic when you are unwell. Not only will the massage increase the impact of a virus on your system it is also easily transmissible to the therapist and to surfaces within the clinic.

This means it is NOT ok to ‘chuck a sickie’ and book a massage on your day off when suffering from a cold or virus or similar.

Above all else clients must respect the fact that not everyone has strong immune systems.

What may make you and I sick could possible be a death sentence to another of my clients.

Please be ready to answer these questions.

  • Have you travelled internationally recently?
  • If you have been overseas recently which country and when did you return?
  • Do you present with any symptoms such as but not inclusive to cough, runny nose, temperature, shortness of breath?
  • Have you spent time with anyone who is confirmed to have COVID-19?
  • I will also be taking your temperature.

If this is the case I will politely ask you to cancel and reschedule the appointment for 14 days following arrival back into Australia from any international country and re-attend for treatment once it is appropriate to do so.

Even if you have not been overseas I implore you not to attend premises such as mine for a massage service when you are not well in the interest of the health of the greater public.

Thankyou for understanding