Fiona brings more than a decade of industry experience to the therapy clinic setting incorporating deep tissue massage, sports massage techniques, remedial massage, stretching, myofascial release and acknowledgement of necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Largs clinic is set in a picturesque location. 10 min drive from M1. 6 min drive from Maitland

I try to make my service accessible in terms of after hours, availability, payment access and ethical treatment with referral if necessary.

Overall, I believe most people want honesty and consideration. They want easy booking, fair price, accessibility to suitable appointment times and easy payment options. They also want to not only feel better afterwards, but also taken seriously and not just re-booked over and over to benefit the therapists bottom line.

Fiona Black dip rem

Fiona has had years of training and experience in both deep tissue and sports massage working on elite athletes and the general public. This combined with a diploma in remedial massage, current studies as a myotherapy undergrad and her diverse experiences in her own clinic servicing the general public means she brings a wide range of skills to the clinical setting benefiting her clients.

Fiona is now extending her skills to Sydney clientele as she completes her third year in a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Myotherapy in Sydney CBD.


Remedial massage services are health fund rebate eligible. Please check with your fund to see if you are covered.

HICAPS and EFTPOS available.

Appointment only.